19 weeks pregnant

19 weeks pregnant

You at 19 weeks pregnant

You might become very focused on your pregnancy around now. Other things in your life could seem less important.

Your changing shape
You might be amazed at your changing shape. You'll almost certainly be looking pregnant by now, and it could be time to get some maternity clothes, or at least some looser ones. Some women think about being fitted for a maternity bra, if their budget allows. Other women find that a fitted sports top is enough.

Your feet might get bigger too, because of the extra fluid in your body and the extra weight you're carrying, and also because your ligaments are stretching. Your favourite shoes might not fit anymore. As well as comfort, your feet need good support to prevent problems down the track.

You might have curves in places where you never expected them. Lots of women feel sexy and voluptuous when they're pregnant. On the other hand, your changing shape could mean that you might have to say goodbye to your favourite jeans for a while.

But the physical changes that go hand in hand with pregnancy can make some women feel less sexy or desirable. You might also feel that your body is no longer yours. This can influence your relationship with your partner too.

Some women worry about the size of their 'bump' - too big, or not big enough? It doesn't matter how big it looks, or what other people say about it. Your health professional will feel and measure your tummy as your pregnancy progresses. This is the only reliable guide to your baby's growth.

Your baby when you're 19 weeks pregnant

Your baby is:

  • about 15 cm in length from head to bottom, and about 260 gm
  • putting on brown fat deposits beneath the skin
  • awake for about 6 hours a day and asleep for 18 - just like a newborn.