The Múcaro. Legend of Puerto Rico for kids

The Múcaro. Legend of Puerto Rico for kids

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This precious legend explains why owls are such elusive birds that they only come out at night. A curious Latin American story that also brings essential values ​​closer to children.

The history of the Múcaro, a typical owl of Puerto Rico, It will make children reflect on the value of generosity, solidarity and also, on the contrary, pride and vanity. Take advantage of their teachings to educate your child in values.

Of all the owls that live on Earth, the Múcaro is perhaps the most curious. He only lives in Puerto Rico. Her eyes are very round and small and she loves to sing. And there is a beautiful legend about this bird, which is told to the children of Puerto Rico and explain why this bird only comes out at night. Says so:

The elders say that a long, long time ago, Every year a fun party was held in a forest on the island of Puerto Rico. All the animals came to the party. There they sang, danced and played until dawn. But the party had to be organized, and each year, that honor fell to a group of animals. They say that that year, it was the birds' turn.

So the birds, days before the party, met in an assembly to decide who would be in charge of each of the activities: the one in charge of bringing the invitations on time would be the very fast red-tailed eagle, and immediately it was started. The red-tailed eagle went house to house, handing out the invitation for the party. But when he arrived at the múcaro's house, at dusk, he found him naked. It gave him a lot of trouble! Still he called:

- Hey, múcaro! I bring you the invitation for the party.

But the múcaro almost did not flinch and said:

- Buah! Leave it there.

And the red-tailed eagle was very surprised ...

- But múcaro, what's wrong with you? And why are you going naked?

The múcaro, ashamed, replied:

- The truth is that I have nothing to wear. That's why I won't be able to go to the party ...

The red-tailed eagle was shocked by the situation of the little owl, and it occurred to him to call an emergency meeting among the birds that same afternoon. He related everything that had happened, and they all agreed to solve it.

- Between everything we can help you! - Said the robin totally convinced.

- Yes! - added the parrot - If each of us take off a feather, we can make a suit for the múcaro! And when the party is over, we will ask you to return the feathers to us. What do you think?

They all agreed. It seemed to them that it was the least they could do to help their friend. So each bird was tearing a feather with its beak. They were putting them in a bag and the red-tailed eagle was in charge of taking them to the múcaro. When he got home, he said:

- Hey, Múcaro, we have found a way for you to come to the party: Each of the birds has decided to leave you a feather so that you can make yourself a beautiful colorful suit.

The múcaro was really excited, so much that he couldn't hold back his tears.

- Thank you very much! - he said excitedly - They are beautiful!

- You will undoubtedly wear the most beautiful outfit! The only condition is that you return them to their owners at the end of the party.

- Sure - answered the múcaro- No problem. I'll return them after the party.

The múcaro spent all day sewing his suit, and arrived just in time for the party. It was a really beautiful suit, the most beautiful, and they all looked at him in amazement.

The múcaro began to feel admired. Yes ... he felt really handsome. He loved his suit! So he was showing off all night, in front of all the animals.

However, he knew perfectly well that this suit would not last forever, so as time went by, he became more and more overwhelmed. He did not want to return that suit that he had so hard to sew!

It occurred to him that if he sneakily escaped from there, no one would ask for the feathers, so in a moment of confusion, checking first that no one was watching, he left the party and went into the forest.

When the party ended, the animals went to look for the múcaro to get their feathers back ... but they couldn't find him! They went to his house ... and he wasn't there either! The múcaro had disappeared. And they never saw him again.

And the older ones say that even today, the birds of the island of Puerto Rico are still looking for the múcaro. But the robber bird hides very well and only comes out at night so that no one discovers it.

Will your son have understood the message of this beautiful legend from Puerto Rico? Discover it helped by these questions:

- How is the múcaro?

- Why was he naked?

- How do the rest of the birds decide to help you?

- What did the múcaro have to do at the end of the party?

- What did the múcaro do when the party ended?

- What did you do so that they never found you again?

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