Happy birthday party for kids

Happy birthday party for kids

Happy birthday, happy birthday, we wish you all, happy birthday! This is probably the song we hear and sing the most in our lives. We heard it when we were babies and then we learned it and sang it on our birthdays and those of our family and friends. Without a doubt, it is the most popular song, the best known and sung. Comes from from English Happy Birthday and over time it has been translated into a multitude of languages ​​around the world.

Your child's birthday is coming up and if you don't know how to celebrate it, follow some ideas:

1. Outdoor party. It will depend on how the weather is presented, but it can give you a lot of play. You can do it in the garden of your house, in a park or in the field. The children will have a great time. You can play games like In search of treasure, play hide and seek ... and as for the snack, it can be the simplest possible as if they were having a picnic: sandwiches, hot dog, snacks, etc.

2. Party with entertainers. They can be clowns, pirates, a superhero ... It will cost you more to hire someone to liven up your child's party, but on the other hand you will save on appetizers. If the party is at home, you will only have to prepare very simple things to eat, to nibble on, such as popcorn, chips, snacks and some sanduiches.

3. Theme party. They are very easy parties to decorate. You choose the birthday boy's favorite character and decorate everything with the theme. In addition, children can collaborate in the decoration.

4. Party in a playground. Such parties will not give parents any work. The service of a ball pool is hired, for example, and they take care not only of the games but also of the snacks and the cake. It is more expensive, but it is ideal for parents who do not have time to prepare a birthday party for their children.

5. Other alternatives. You can also celebrate children's birthdays by inviting their friends to skate, see a play, go to karaoke, visit an interesting museum, ski in the snow, watch a football game, take a train ride, etc. The important thing is to always celebrate it so that children feel that doing years is something important and good.

In addition to Happy Birthday, depending on the Spanish-speaking country, there are very traditional customs such as:

- To sing Happy, happy in your day, little friend God bless you, may you have peace in your day, and may you fulfill many more ...

- In some Latin American countries, there is also the custom ofpull the birthday boy's ears, once for every year he turns.

- In the United States, they are tapped on the buttocks as old as the one whose birthday is.

- In Mexico it is also sungThe mañanitas, his most popular song.

And apart from the traditional songs, there are superstitions that dictate that if the one who complies gets blow out all the candles in one breath, that your wish comes true.

For children, the celebration of their birthday represents not only the meeting and reunion of their friends, cousins, but also the confirmation that he has grown and is now something older.

Birthday interests them in a very special way because it stimulates their curiosity, their desire to learn, their desire to live a different and fun moment. Birthday is something that has life and a great emotional charge. Therefore, it must be lived with motivation and joy.

The singing, the cake, the applause, the gifts, the candles, the balloons are ingredients that all children like. They fill their eyes, soul, and heart. They fill them with joy, illusion and fantasy. And if to that, we add games and dances, better than better. Within your possibilities, make your child's birthday a party that makes him smile and experience a unique moment. He will thank you when he really grows up.

Celebrating a child's birthday benefits him in every way. It teaches him to share, participate and collaborate in party activities, to enjoy the company of other children, to experience relationships and situations, to more easily accept established norms, and to value himself and others. It will be great for increasing your self-esteem, developing your creative thinking, and expanding your social relationships. Is as profitable and highly rich to celebrate your birthday as going to the birthday of others.

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