How strict the children's meal times should be

How strict the children's meal times should be

Children need stability in their meal times, just as they need stability in the rest of their activities, be it bedtime, bathing, or naps.

So what if there is no routine or children's meal times? We tell you how harmful it can be both physically and intellectually to our children.

It is preferable to point out that, when we talk about stability, we are talking about relatively flexible hours, but not so much that the child can vary his time to go to bed from 7 to 11 at night, or to eat from 1 at 3:30 in the afternoon, since, thus, all we do is damage the biological rhythm of your body, or what is known as circadian rhythms.

The effects of the excessive alteration of the meal schedule can be observed both physically and intellectually in our children:

- On a physical level This disruption of its metabolism means that, if the body does not receive food at the time it is accustomed to, it asks for food "between meals" - the typical snack that in the end is nothing more than unhealthy food - or enters into mode of energy saving, stimulating fat storage metabolism. In addition, the habit of eating at a certain time saves energy, since the stomach knows when to produce gastric juices and is ready for digestion.

- At the mental level we are establishing routines that the child adopts naturally, without seeing something strict in it, and that can be beneficial for their adult life. However, variations of half an hour above or below your usual meal time do not trigger, at least appreciably, any negative effects.

Logically, it is not possible to maintain a routine of meal times, naps and baths 365 days a year, because there are always family celebrations, birthdays, Christmas ... that is, days in which, no matter how hard we try, keep the Regular schedules become an impossible as well as unpleasant task for everyone.

In these moments it is better to put aside worries and relax, A day is a day! As long as these days are the exception and not the norm in the lives of our children, we are not doing any harm but rather the opposite. Enjoying special moments with the family and not keeping the baby or child on the sidelines is as emotionally beneficial for him as it can be to maintain his daily routine.

Must find the balance between the two and enjoy with our little ones those moments so unique and unrepeatable, trying to return to the routine naturally and without forcing.

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