Guidelines for choosing the best mattress for children

Guidelines for choosing the best mattress for children

When choosing a mattress for the children's bed, parents should be clear about some criteria that will help them decide on a mattress that, first, ensures the well-being of the little ones, and that also does not offer risks for the little ones to contract allergies, having sleep problems, or a problem with your spine.

A bad product can cause negative consequences for the health of children. It is not the same to buy a mattress for the delicate and fragile body of a baby, than for an older child, whose weight and height require different firmness conditions.

There is a mattress for each body. The best mattress is not the one that allows children to bounce on it, or that features pretty colors and patterns. Some research and advances in science allow to give some guidelines that by age can be a great help for parents.

Pediatricians recommend that the mattress for babies be comfortable, with a degree of firmness that reduces the risk of complications such as sudden infant death syndrome or reflux bronchial aspirations. A mattress with visco-elastic foam, created by NASA, dissipates the pressure of the body evenly throughout its surface, ensuring that when the baby is lying down, it does not have points where the pressure of the head, shoulders or hip is very high , but it balances the pressure evenly.

The comfort that a child has to sleep is a determining factor even for its growth. Irritability, psychomotor problems, lack of performance, diabetes, little resistance to common viruses or problems with your friends, can be warnings of your lack of sleep, and in this case the mattress takes on a unique importance.

For a child of these ages it is important to choose a mattress that allows him to have freedom of movement and change of posture. That it is made of a thermal fabric, that does not generate heat or cold, with anti-mite treatment, and above all, that there is an optimal relationship between firmness and comfort, which makes you really feel that you are sleeping in the clouds. According to the kilos that the children have, a type of grade is recommended in terms of the level of firmness of the mattress:

- Children from 1 to 10 kilos, level of firmness grade 1

- Children from 10 to 20 kilos, level of firmness grade 2

- Children from 20 to 30 kilos, level of firmness grade 3

Although the daily hours of sleep are reduced due to greater distractions and schoolwork, children are in full development and their bodies are preparing for hormonal changes, so their change in structure and shape is visible, as well as the logical increase in weight.

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