The most beautiful gift a child ever received: his mother's voice

The most beautiful gift a child ever received: his mother's voice

Can there be anything more heartbreaking for a child than the sudden loss of the person they love most? Antonio's mother passed away and left a tremendous void in the boy's heart. But his father came up with an idea to make at least Antonio could hear it again and feel it this way closer.

The boy's father looked through the recordings he had with his wife's voice and rescued some phrases. He asked that the voice be inserted into a doll. He wrapped it up well and gave it to Antonio on Christmas day. This is the most exciting video you will see in a long time and this is the most beautiful gift a child has ever received: his mother's voice.

Antonio did not expect anything. The idea was to surprise him with the most beautiful gift he could receive. The idea, yes, was to try to fill a little that void that Antonio's mother left at home. This was the boy's incredible reaction to discovering the gift, just five months after his mother passed away.

At first it seemed like a silly gift. 'A monkey?' - Antonio thought ... 'Why do I want a monkey?' But after reading the note that came with the toy, he began to shake. The little monkey was named after him: Antonio Junior Vargas. But he was accompanied by the following affectionate nickname: 'mom's little one'.

His father asked him to squeeze the teddy's hand just once. As he did so, a voice sounded loud and clear saying: 'I love you so much and will always love you'. Antonio recognized it immediately: it was his mother's voice. The little one collapsed, could not hold back the tears and melted into a strong and warm arm with the stuffed animal. They all kept a respectful silence. It is surely the most beautiful and shocking emotion you will ever receive. At last he heard his mother's voice again. At last he felt her next to him again. That voice that is never forgotten, the first voice that we all hear, even before being born.

Antonio's father he managed to gather some phrases from his mother, those that he also frequently repeated in life. What:

- 'I just want to tell Antonio that mom loves him'

- 'Give me a hug: I love you'

- 'I love you so much and will always love you'

- 'I love you to the moon and back'

After this moment, he assured that it is the most wonderful moment he has ever lived. 'She passed away on July 4, and we always called our son' little monkey ', so on Christmas day, her dream came true. ' Precious gesture of a truly exemplary father.

Life is fleeting and short, very short. So, we must live each moment as if it were unique. Do we know how to do it? I once heard a beautiful phrase that said: 'spend your time with whoever gives you life'. It is what we should do, without a doubt, spend our time with people who really mean something important in our life. And always tell them why they are important.

Express your emotions to the people you love. Sometimes it's hard to say the magic word, but ... don't you think your children deserve it? Don't get tired of telling them how much you love them. It is the best gift for them: the cheapest, the one that weighs less and the one that will bring the most benefits to your children.

Accompany the phrases with gestures. Sometimes a silence wrapped in a hug can contain much more love. Do not get tired of loving your children and showing it to them. And remember: educating children with love is not spoiling them.

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