Your baby's name: what does it mean?

Your baby's name: what does it mean?

It gives me the impression that the names that parents choose for their baby are more significant every day, that is, they are names that indicate and reveal a special reason for them, or that have a special meaning, wherever they come from. .

There are so many names to choose from, so many, that they even leave more than one father or mother dizzy. What have you been inspired by to give your son his name?

I have searched our dictionary of names and found that my name, of Germanic origin, means 'protector'. It turns out that I feel something like this and who knows me says that I want to embrace and embrace everything and everyone, like chickens that put chicks under their wings, well like this. That shows that one's name can have a lot to do with who they are. Will be?

Anyway, I don't think anyone is going to stop talking to 'Ophelia' because in Greek it means 'snake', or avoid someone called 'Monica' because it means 'lonely' from Greek, or 'Blas' because in Greek it means 'stutterer', although where the name comes from is something curious and interesting to consider.

The name, as well as its meaning, is the first gift that parents give to their children. Many babies already have names before they are born. So I think that knowing the meaning as well as its origin is important. Imagine you name your child 'Boris' and then he discovers that his name, in Russian, means 'Fight'. Who is called 'Claudio' or 'Claudia' would bear the same displeasure, because this name in Latin means "lame".

Apart from the meaning, it is also important to consider the sound the name makes when you pronounce it. If it combines with the first surname, if it sounds light or heavy, or if it is composed, that does not sound like a joke. Names like 'Armando Bronca Segura', 'Dolores Fuertes de Barriga', 'Emiliano Salido del Pozo', or 'Estela Gato Verde' would be reasons for jokes and ridicule for children at school and wherever they went. When it comes to names, there should be no fixed or imposed rules.

Therefore, the most important criterion for choosing your baby's name is that both you and your partner like it. May both its meaning and its sound be to your liking. Luck!

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