Crafts for kids

Crafts for kids

Proposals of children's crafts for the children and the whole family. Easy and educational crafts made with felt, paper, cardboard, foam rubber, wool, balloons, and other materials. We are going to make masks, pictures, paper flowers, toys with recycled material, chandeliers, snowmen, kites, and many more. Crafts for boys and girls.

The selected crafts are very easy to make with children and the materials are very inexpensive. The participation of parents in the 'fabrication' of the proposed activities is more relevant than the result of the craft itself.

A craft is not just a job well done, it is a moment of sharing, encounters and union. It's about having a good time with the kids, laughing at mistakes, getting excited about the results, and having fun with the effort together.

1. Crafts stimulate children's creativity and development. Through their creations they can express themselves just as they do with games or painting.

2. Learning to build objects teaches them values ​​such as the importance of recycling or responsibility, without forgetting that they will surely have a lot of fun.

3. It will promote your creative capacity, your capacity for expression and concentration. It can be a relaxing activity, to spend a quiet afternoon at home in bad weather.

4. With manual activities they also develop their motor skills. Painting, cutting and pasting are actions that favor children's psychomotor skills and will promote their physical and psychological growth.

To make these crafts you do not need many materials, just imagination and eager to have fun with the family. We suggest you discover our crafts, whether you are looking for them for a special occasion (Father's Day, Christmas, Halloween) or if you want to take advantage of some material you have at home.