Breast cancer and the age of women

Breast cancer and the age of women

The risk of breast cancer increases with age, but thanks to increasingly early examinations, tumor lesions can be detected early. The chances of a cure for breast cancer increase when small lesions are found.

For this reason, although breast cancer in young women is rare, the doctor Armando Tejerina, doctor in medicine and surgery, specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and president of the Board of Trustees of the Tejerina Foundation and director of the Center for Breast Pathology, recommends periodic breast studies, which can detect minimal alterations in an initial cancer, which is curable. But what is clear is that the chances of suffer from breast cancer it increases with the age of the woman.

The breast cancer it is more aggressive in young women, but it is diagnosed more early. Therefore, young women they are more likely to live many more years and to be cured because the diagnosis is more initial. But now, the attitude of women and their knowledge about it also influence. Consequently, they go to the doctor much earlier and undergo breast studies before starting a pregnancy. The prognosis of breast cancer depends on many factors, especially the stage at which it is diagnosed, biological factors of the tumor itself, and the patient's own immunological factors.

Breast cancer is not very common between 20 and 35 years of age, therefore, it is very difficult to see patients under 30 years of age. Among the most frequent risk factors to take into account when suffering from breast cancer, one must look at age, personal (abnormal breast structure), obesity, racial or hormonal factors, and family (case of breast cancer). family breast of the first order), which can increase the frequency of appearance of this disease.

It is necessary to carry out a first study with mammography base at 35 years of age, in those patients with high direct family risk, with breast cancer in the mother or sisters.

When there are risk factors, mammograms should be performed annually from the age of 40. We must not forget the greater risk increase in the oldest age group from 45 years, although nearly 40 percent of women with breast cancer are under 50 years of age when diagnosed.

The risk of suffering breast cancer increases with age and that is the reason why studies of screening in presumed healthy patients with annual mammograms from 45 years of age, which manage to reduce mortality by 30 and 40 percent, since very initial diagnoses can be made. Periodic radiological controls, follow-up of pathological glandular structures and screening, are the fundamental pillars for making very initial diagnoses with cures above 90 percent.

The early initial discovery of a lesion that is diagnosed as small is very important for the cure of the patient.

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