The happiness meter. Christmas story for children

The happiness meter. Christmas story for children

The one who has the most is not the happiest. And yet often we envy He who possesses many material goods, without realizing that appearances can be deceiving. Maybe the one we really envy has nothing.

This endearing Christmas tale has as its protagonists Santa Claus and a child, Dani. The tale teaches us that greed and envy often blind the heart and cloud the eyes.

Before wishing for material goods, we must check if we really have what really matters in life.

If you want an example of it, you just have to read the story of The happiness meter. How much of Christmas for envious children.

Dani was very upset with Santa Claus. He was a very good boy, but it bothered him tremendously to see that almost every year many other children, clearly worse, received more toys for Christmas. And his complaints were so many that one night his own Santa Claus He appeared with the sled in his room, and took him with him to the North Pole.

- I want to show you the greatest of secrets - said Santa Claus -. If you come I will show you how we decide how many toys each child receives at Christmas.

When they arrived, Santa Claus showed him some rare gadgets, while explaining:

- This was our first toy meter. It was a scale, and the toys were given away by weight. We stopped using it when a child received so many balloons that when they exploded they collapsed the walls of his house.

- That other mold-shaped one was called 'igualator'. It served to make sure that all the children received the same toys, but since then it was not funny trade them with other kids, nobody wanted them ... Puff, I almost lost my job, there was a year that I barely received a few letters and we had to change it in a hurry ...

And so he was talking about the inventions they had used; some really ridiculous, some a little simple, until he finally said:

- .. but everything was fixed with this invention, and since then every year I receive many more millions of letters than the previous one. Is named Happiness meter, and serves to measure the happiness of children. When we visit a child, we put everything he has on the happiness meter, and it automatically tells us the best gifts for him.

- Well it must be spoiled, they always touch me few gifts... - protested the child.

- No way! it works perfectly. Children who like you have many friends, parents and siblings who love them very much, are generous and not they seek happiness in thingsThey have thousands of points on the happiness meter, and giving them lots of toys could only bring them down. However, children who are more alone, or whose parents pay less attention to them, or who do not have siblings or friends, have so few points that it does not matter how many gifts we add to the congratulation meter: they never exceed half ... that is the great secret of the happiness meter: those who really have less receive more.

As he did not seem to believe it, that Christmas Dani accompanied Santa claus in his sleigh carrying the happiness meter, checking for himself how those who received the most gifts were the least happy of all. And he couldn't help crying when they saw a very rich but very sad boy, who after having opened a hundred presents, spent the night alone in his room ...

And he felt so sorry for those children that he never again envied their gifts and their things, and he made an effort every day to give those children a small part of his great happiness.

Through these simple reading comprehension questions, you can check if your child has understood the story correctly.

Reading comprehension is one of the first steps in initiation of the child to reading. That the child not only understands the meaning of the words, but also the entire text is essential to be able to read correctly.

- Why wasn't Dani happy with her gifts?

- Where did Santa Claus take you?

- What invention do you think is more fair to distribute gifts among children?

- Why didn't they bring Dani so many gifts?

- Was Dani happy?

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