Christmas games for kids

Christmas games for kids

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The true protagonists of the Christmas they are always the smallest in the house. Children are the ones who most enjoy the Christmas holidays, where gifts and the illusion to enjoy themselves are the main attractions.

Therefore, know what games we can do with the children at Christmas will make these dates even more fun and unforgettable as a family.

1. Crafts:The cold invites you to be at home and to enjoy with your family things that are done with your hands without having to spend money. What better than some crafts to spend the afternoons of the Christmas holidays? They can be decorations for the tree, figurines for the Nativity scene ...

2. Christmas pastries:Getting into the kitchen is always a good option, and an afternoon of Christmas baking makes all the children happy. It is the ideal time to teach them how to make homemade cookies or muffins to decorate them in the purest style of magical Christmas.

3. Table games:For those long Christmas evenings, where many children get bored with so much free time, there is nothing better than board games. Ludo, monopoly ... in teams or individually, and knowing how to challenge your opponent, they will be the most fun afternoons.

4. Christmas carols:There is no Christmas worth its salt without the classic Christmas carols. To make singing them a fun game, there is nothing better than karaoke. It is the ideal opportunity to show the talents of artists that all children carry within.

5. Tree decoration:Decorating the tree is a magical moment in the family, and it does not have to be boring, but we can turn it into an adventure with children. The Christmas balls, the tinsel, the colored beads, maybe the Christmas cards that we have received ... what better than to make the Christmas tree beautiful?

6. Treasure hunt:In the middle of the day of opening gifts, what better than to play a treasure hunt? Through clues, children will be able to search the whole house for the toy or treasure in question they want to find. Step by step and in teams or individually, children can play to find such precious detail on these beautiful dates. Exciting and fun.

7. Invisible friend: This has nothing to do with gifts from Santa Claus or The Three Wise Men, but is a detail that children can learn to have with their family on a date other than December 24 or January 6. You can make the invisible friend distribution on Christmas Eve and have the presents distributed on New Years. The best? That the rules may be that it is something made by hand to surprise the one who touches us.

8. Representation of the Nativity Scene: Can there be anything more fun than the representation of the Nativity Scene? As if it were a living nativity scene, the game with the children can consist of each one being one of the protagonists: the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the Child Jesus, the Mule and the Ox or the Magi.

9. Christmas cardsAlthough the beautiful habit of sending Christmas letters to friends, family and relatives is now being lost, this can be a beautiful and family activity to do with children. The game consists of folding a sheet of paper in half and decorating it as the best invitation to dinner on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, or simply to decorate the tree. Afterwards, the best wishes for the New Year or gifts for Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men from the East will be written inside.

10. Guess movies: There is nothing more fun than playing in teams to guess movies through mime. What you have to do is divide into groups, and one from each team is in charge of representing the film whose title is written on a piece of paper so that the rest can get it right. Hilarious, and even more so if they are Christmas-related tapes!

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