What is children's free play and why is it so beneficial?

What is children's free play and why is it so beneficial?

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It's the game that arises spontaneously, without being directed or interfered with by the adult. The child decides when to start the game, when it ends, and how and what to play with; invent or imagine its staging.

Through this time of play the little one assimilates his environment, his experiences and internalizes them. Imitates, repeats behaviors and roles that he sees in adults, which serves as training for your future as an adult. The child observes, imitates and when he is older he will do what he has learned.

The free play It helps them invent, create, make their imagination work.

If this kind of experiences they are nutritious and intense they will make the child develop a great imagination, and they will be able to become great creators and inventors… who knows!

How can we encourage free play at home?

Well, by facilitating their “Creative space

This space should be a quiet, bright, open, spacious place if possible, not too structured, because what we want is that the child feels free to create their own games.

A rug, a cushion and “raw material”For his creations, for his invented toys.

What does this raw material consist of?

It is simply material to create and build.

Today children are surrounded by toys, novel, attractive, with multiple functions and buttons, adapted to new technologies. What role does the imagination? He has little space left, they are toys that only serve the purpose of entertaining.

In this space, our children will create their own toys; In this way he will exercise his imagination, his manual dexterity and he will enjoy his creation playing with it, a toy made by him and a game also invented by him.

What material to provide? How to organize it?

The material should always adapt to your age, that does not involve danger and when the child handles it, always under adult supervision.

We will organize it in Three boxes, baskets, drawers or the like of three different sizes:

1- The first basket, the largest, we will use to store what I call "junk or junk", Things that do not serve you and you are going to throw away ... well, do not do it because they will surely look for a utility for you, for example: headphones, belt, old clothes, watch box, flashlight, kitchen utensils, photo machine or old phone etc. We will also put colored fabrics, a sheet, a plastic tablecloth, recycling containers, colored ribbons, strings, nuts and bolts, disused CDs, and whatever you can think of that can help them.

2- The second basket, the middle one, will be to keep "Natural Materials”. The child will fill it with "treasures" that he finds on a walk in the park or in the field. What child does not like to go collecting treasures while walking? Sticks, stones, leaves, branches, pinecones, fruits, shells ...

We will also add sachets with dry food: spaghetti, lentils, sugar ...

3- The third basket, the small one, we will use to store craft supplies, such as scissors, glue, tape, rubber band, crayons, watercolors, brushes, a notebook ...

4- Finally I also recommend that you save big boxesIf you have the opportunity, with them they can create houses, cars, ships ... If the child wants to put chairs or other furniture, it will be on his own initiative, without needing it for his play.

To finish I propose that you are Christmas, your little ones, in the letter to the Kings or Santa Claus, add to the wish list "Raw material" to create your own toys, so children can enjoy the free play benefits.

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