Childproof Christmas decoration. Child safety

Childproof Christmas decoration. Child safety

Decorating the house for Christmas is an indispensable tradition, even more so when there are children in the house: put the Nativity scene, take out the Christmas tree, make centerpieces for the tables, put a wreath on the door, turn on the lights ...

Nevertheless, we must exercise extreme caution and create a childproof Christmas decoration. Child safety must be a maximum to prevent lights, balls and figures from being a danger to our children.

- Christmas tree: If you have an artificial tree, make sure it is approved and resistant to fire. Never put it near heat sources like stoves or radiators, as it could burn. Verify that it is stable and cannot tip over easily, we must prevent it from falling on the child.

- The Bethlehem: Make sure that the figurines, especially if they are small, are not within the reach of the smallest of the house. Children tend to suck or put objects that attract them to their mouths, so one of these little Nativity figurines could choke a child if you put it in their mouth.

- Christmas ornaments: they have to gather several characteristics, that they are large, do not break and their pieces do not separate.

- Cables- Make sure the cables are tightly tucked and out of the reach of children.

- Christmas lights: We recommend that you use the led ones and not the old lights that were easily broken and even overheated. Do not leave them within the reach of babies or very young children as they may try to put them in their mouths.

- Christmas toys: it is preferable that the child has few toys but homologated to many whose origin is not trusted. The batteries of toys must not be accessible and must be well protected.

- Candles: They are very beautiful and give a special warmth, but it is not safe to leave candles lit if there are children at home. We recommend that you replace them with led lights.

- Ornaments hanging from windows: that Santa Claus trying to climb a ladder to the balcony or the Three Wise Men climbing a rope are ornaments present on the facades of many houses, however, they represent a danger for children who may try to catch them from inside the house and rush.

- Christmas candies: many of them have nuts, so we must exercise extreme caution in allergic children and in children under five years to avoid possible choking.

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