Why is it bad for children to memorize verbatim?

Why is it bad for children to memorize verbatim?

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Taking exams is one of the most cumbersome tests that we can face, and one of the most used formulas to ensure that we will do well is memorizing verbatim what the book says.

But this practice, apart from being unpleasant, is little beneficial for learning, and it is that memorizing everything does not mean that we understand what we are saying.

Here we explain why is it bad for children to memorize the verbatim.

There are subjects in which it is more important to understand how the ideas explained in the classroom are related than to memorize everything that the textbook says. This would be the case in natural sciences, literature or social sciences, where it is a priority to remember the basic concepts more than the new words that have appeared on the agenda.

When a child reproduces entire sentences from the textbook, he is using a short memory. This means that once you have taken the exam, much of that information will be lost.

Instead, if a child Explain subject to be examined with your words, the memory you are using is that of Long durationIn other words, you are mixing the already known concepts with the new ones, and this makes it easier for you to understand what you are learning, so that in the future you will remember that information much better.

It is good that you know what it is the favorite way to study that your child has because this way, if you detect that he memorizes all the information he reads, you can help him study based on the concepts he already knows.

In fact, chances are that if your child need to memorize verbatim any lesson (especially when there is a lot of subject to learn), because he does not understand what he is studying. This is the reason why children should not memorize the exams.

Everything that children can explain in their own words will be much easier to remember in the future, and that knowledge will help them connect with other later learning. Thus, as the children grow, they will go accumulating knowledge and it will be easier for them to link different ideas to arrive at new solutions that perhaps initially had no answer.

Learning a lesson in your own words will will report benefits Sure because, apart from making studying more entertaining and enjoyable, you will achieve a more complete learning, with which your self-esteem will be rewarded.

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