How seawater works to clean the baby's nose

How seawater works to clean the baby's nose

When it comes to hygiene for the baby, we must never forget the nose. Whether the baby has a cold or not is important clean the nostrils to allow you to breathe properly.

And, the nasal passages act as an air filter so all the impurities in the air such as dust, smoke, bacteria or allergens can irritate the nose and cause nasal congestion. One of the most effective ways to clean the baby's nose is to use seawater. Do you know how it works?

One of the curiosities that surround babies and that you may not know is that children under 6 months do not know how to breathe through their mouth. For this reason, when you have a cold or there is more accumulation of mucus, it is really uncomfortable, both sleeping and eating.

To help you and to clean your nose of snot and promote the baby's breathing we can use sea water, this is how it works:

- Softens mucus and facilitates its expulsion.

- Cleanses and moistens the nasal passages eliminating allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust or contaminants.

- If used regularly, it helps protect against colds and other complications.

- Helps to moisten the nostrils in case of environmental dryness.

- It acts directly and effectively since it is 100% composed of sea water.

- Restores nasal breathing in case of congestion.

- Helps prevent otitis and other ENT diseases.

All these advantages of seawater for the baby are possible because preserves all minerals and trace elements of the sea (potassium, calcium and magnesium).

To apply it, we must lay the baby on a smooth surface, turn his head to the side and apply the seawater on the hole that is most on the surface. Then we will repeat on the other hole.

Finally, we will incorporate the baby so that he can expel all the mucus and we can eliminate the water that has fallen on his face with a washcloth.

We should never apply seawater with the baby's head tilted back.

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