The 13 little men of Christmas. Icelandic legend for kids

The 13 little men of Christmas. Icelandic legend for kids

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Can you imagine there is no Santa Claus? Can you imagine there are ... 13? This is what happens in Iceland. There, the children are visited by 13 little Christmas men.

We tell you what this beautiful Christmas legend consists of to tell children. Find out who are the 13 little Christmas men who bring gifts to Icelandic children.

Legend has it that in Iceland they lived a long, long time ago, some very short young men called jólasveinarnir, who liked to play a lot of pranks on children, to the point of frightening them. All of them were brothers, sons of an ogra, but each had a particularity. Of course, they loved to hide between rocks, snow or glaciers.

The children had real nightmares, and every time they saw one of these young veinarnir or dwarfs, they ran to hide in their houses.

The inhabitants of this place, angry with this attitude, They decided to ask the king or ruler of the place for help. At first he did not listen to them, until the day his own children were mocked by these little men. Fed up with this situation, he decided to punish them in this way: if they did not want to be banished for life from Iceland, they had to bring a gift to each child, one day a year, as a reward for all the evil they had done to them.

The little men, who were 13, They agreed to bring the gifts before December 25. And since there were 13 of them, Christmas would begin thirteen days before the 25th. Each of them had to travel a long way to a child's home. But since they were still a bit mischievous, besides the present they also left a mischief. In addition, they decided that they would only leave gifts in the form of a toy, book or candy to children who had behaved well. To those who had misbehaved, he would leave ... a potato!

As if that were not enough, they also agreed never to give up their mischievous and mocking character. During those two weeks leading up to December 25, the little men would play pranks in every home. And since they are invisible, they could do it without dissimulation.

And that's how since then Icelandic children are not visited by Santa Claus, but by 13 Santa Claus or 13 little men who decide every Christmas if they will leave a gift or a potato at the foot of the Christmas fir tree in each home and who incidentally play the odd joke to record that they passed by.

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