How children around the world celebrate Christmas

How children around the world celebrate Christmas

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If there is a common denominator in Christmas around the world it is the illusion of children. And it is that no matter how much Christmas traditions change in different parts of the world, children enjoy their special activities and, above all, with gifts. We travel to different countries to see how children around the world celebrate Christmas.

Children are the protagonists of Christmas anywhere in the world. Children and their gifts. In some European countries, such as France or Switzerland, it is St nicolas the one who brings gifts to children as early as December 6 for us. And in Poland, the traditional Belen or birth is done with extra fun by including puppets. Find out here how children around the world celebrate Christmas:

- Chile and Argentina: In some countries like Chile or Argentina, Christmas is in summer. So the typical Christmas postcards with snowmen and Santa Claus in a wool hat are a bit out of context. However, there are common traditions, such as the Christmas Eve dinner and the collection of the gifts at 12 at night. Although the one who brings the gifts can be both Santa Claus As the Old man Christmas, in the case of chili.

- Mexico: The mexican children they begin to celebrate Christmas on December 16, when they start "the inns", an activity for young and old that symbolizes the pilgrimage of José and María to the portal of Bethlehem. People go to other houses to ask for a posada where traditional Christmas dishes are served and amid songs and parties they begin to break fun piñatas.

- Colombia: In Colombia, children receive gifts from the very God child that goes through every home in its cradle. But for nine days before the arrival of the Child with his gifts, the Novena de los Aguinaldos is celebrated, which enlivens its religious character with Christmas carols and traditional dishes.

But despite the particularities of each place, celebrating Christmas involves promoting the illusion of children receiving gifts throughout the world, either at the hands of Santa Claus, of Old man Christmas Chilean, from Olentzero Basque, from Nadal's Uncle Catalan, from the witch Befana Italian or the Babushka Russian.

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