Pumpkin origami. Halloween origami

Pumpkin origami. Halloween origami

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Learn and teach your children to make this paper pumpkin to decorate the Halloween party using the art of origami or origami.

With this video, wants you to learn step by step to make a paper pumpkin to give a little color and originality to your children's party.

We have selected some origami ideas that can be used in a Halloween party for children.

(Figure made by Alejandro Pascual Márquez -

The pumpkin is the central character of the Halloween party. Do you want to know how it came about and what does it mean? Well, its origin lies in the legends and traditions of the Celtic peoples of Scotland and Ireland. Legend has it that years, many years ago, on Halloween night, a bad man went looking for an Irish farmer on his farm, named Jack, who had a reputation for stinginess.

Why was the bad man looking for Jack? Well, because he accused him of being a scammer. However, Jack managed to trick the bad man and catch him. In exchange for his freedom, the bad man promised Jack that he would leave and never look for him again.

So it was.

After many years, Jack died but was not accepted in either heaven or hell. The bad man didn't want to hear from Jack. He sentenced him to be in purgatory to pay his penalties and debts. But before leaving, Jack asked the bad man for his last wish, a light so he could see the way. The bad man handed him an ember. The farmer took one of the turnips from his bag, made a hole in it, and placed the charcoal inside the tubers.

And that's how Jack of the Lantern (Jack the lantern) became a legend in Ireland.

Y How did turnips turn into pumpkins?

When Irish immigrants came to America, they brought the holiday of Halloween. But since there were no turnips in the United States, but there was a large pumpkin plantation, the Irish, together with the Americans, exchanged turnips for pumpkins. Since then, pumpkins are carved, and put on the windows and doors of houses to drive away the bad.

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Video: Halloween Origami Pumpkin Tutorial easy origami (May 2022).