Foods that make children happy

Foods that make children happy

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There are foods that help keep children happier, optimistic and with a good feeling of well-being, this is because certain foods contain tryptophan an essential amino acid and that the body can only absorb it with the presence of carbohydrates (potatoes, legumes, whole grains). By absorbing tryptophan, it stimulates a neurotransmitter called serotonin, a substance that generates a sensation of pleasure in children.

These are the foods that make children happy either because they contain tryptophan or other substances that enhance the feeling of well-being.

1. These foods make children happy as they contain tryptophan:

- Dairy: cheese and milk.

- Meats: chicken and turkey.

- Eggs.

- Vegetables: dark leafy vegetables, tomato, onion.

- Fruits: banana and citrus fruits.

- Nuts: peanuts

- Legumes and whole grains

2. Another chemical substance secreted by the brain are endorphins, they also give a feeling of well-being, This substance is released when we consume spicy foods or chocolate (cocoa).

- The hot peppers (chili peppers, peppers) when they come into contact with the taste buds reach the brain and release endorphins, in the case of children under 3 years old you should be very careful with the hot peppers, gradually introducing them until they adapt to the sensation caused by the spicy.

- Chocolate for its taste and consistency gives a lot of pleasure and children love them, always choose chocolate with 75% cocoa or more, in addition cocoa contains theobromine which is a natural stimulant.

3. Other foods that improve the mood of children are omegas 3 and are present in:

- Blue fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, etc.)

- Flax, chia and hemp seeds.

- Olive oils, soybean oil and flax.

It is important to note that the foods mentioned above are not a panacea, although they improve the well-being and mood of children, this effect will be enhanced in the case that children have a varied diet, perform physical activity and have a good rest.

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