Fear of fire in childhood

Fear of fire in childhood

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Every year, different countries around the planet suffer the effects of fires that devastate hectares and hectares of forest land. The magnitude of the fire per se, overwhelms many children.

This, together with the uncertainty, the rapid evacuation, the anxiety they perceive from their worried parents, will be responsible for many children, at least for a time, feeling fear of fire. This condition, called pyrophobia, presents with symptoms of anxiety (shortness of breath, trembling, nervousness, chest pain, palpitations, dry mouth, etc.)

From our site we want to provide you with several keys to cope with this feeling of fear of fire in childhood.

1- It is important that you feel protected and hopeful. Explain that even though the fire is huge and powerful, the firefighters have enough tools to control the fire, and they will succeed. The return to normality is only a matter of time.

2- Teach your child strategies to stay calm. For example: breathing slowly and deeply, thinking of beautiful things, singing a song that you like. That will help you.

3- Let me express what concerns you, and listen to him actively. It is important to let them express the reason for their fears, but that alone is not enough. The minor must feel heard.

4- Don't scold him for being afraid. Explain to your child that fear is a normal thing, and that we are all afraid of something.

5- Don't ridicule her fear. Courage also consists of recognizing yourself vulnerable.

6- Your horizon must always be that of overcoming fear. Don't get stuck in the spiral of overprotection. Seek to vent your child's fear by analyzing the situation, making him see that he is reasonably out of danger.

7- Educate your child in respect for the environment. What is happening is terrible, it will not happen again. The true value is that of caring for the forest.

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