Children with ADHD of the slow cognitive type, what is it?

Children with ADHD of the slow cognitive type, what is it?

More and more we hear about children with ADHD of the slow cognitive type, and many parents ask ourselves, what is this? Is it the same as ADHD? Is it a different disorder?

Slow Cognitive Timing (SLT) is a disorder that has normally been associated with the Inattentive Subtype Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, or ADD), but today there is a tendency to think of it as a different disorder. These are disorders that are first cousins.

Remember that within children with ADHD, we can differentiate between:

- Combined type: that is, there are two symptoms, inattention and impulsivity-hyperactivity.

- Predominantly hyperactive / impulsive type: There is impulsivity-hyperactivity but no inattention. (ADHD hyperactive subtype).

- Predominantly inattentive type: there is inattention but there is neither impulsivity nor hyperactivity. (ADHD subtype inattentive, what we know as ADD and we will name it from now on)

It is the latter that we are going to refer to and which has recently been renamed as Slow Cognitive Time, TCL, and is made up of between 30% and 50% of the cases classified as ADD, (attention deficit disorders), it is In other words, it would be a different disorder, (although on this question it is still being debated whether it is another type of ADHD or is it a different disorder).

Though children with inattentive type ADHD, and children with slow cognitive type ADHD, (SLT) They can be confused, the symptoms or signs that children with TCL present do not have to do with an attention problem, but with a slow rhythm in general. That is, if they get confused, it is not because of an attention problem, but that they are directly in another world.

This group of children, who do not fit into any of the 3 types of ADHD, are the ones who can fit into the TCL and are characterized by

- Excessive daydreaming, it seems that they daydream ...

- Mental confusion.

- They convey a feeling of "being in the clouds".

- Sleepy, not very active, lacking energy.

- Behavior and thinking slowed down.

- Slower learning pace.

In other words, the concept of "slow cognitive time" refers to a cognitive-emotional style, it would be like a way of being of these children, slow for everything. They would be the opposite of impulsive or hyperactive children with ADHD, they are "slow-motion" children.

Some differences between children with inattentive ADHD, (ADD) and children with slow cognitive time, (SLT) are:

- ADD: they have difficulties in planning tasks, they make many mistakes because they do not focus attention on the task, difficulties in inhibiting behavior (they act before thinking about what to do). The boy withTCL: there are no difficulties in planning tasks, he solves logical problems and there is cognitive flexibility but it takes him an excessive time to carry out the tasks, (they do not make mistakes, and the ADD makes mistakes due to inattention), there are no problems of inhibition of behavior, they think the answers, but need more time.

- A child with ADD is not necessarily a slow child performing tasks, while a child with slow Cognitive Time is slow for everything, even for tasks that he likes and motivates him (eating, showering ...)

- When tasks are slow, in ADD this occurs due to its limited capacity to inhibit distractors, and in TCL, due to its slow performance itself.

They are children who, like children with ADHD, dyslexia, or any other difficulty in development or learning, need accommodations in the classroom and at school, and an environment that understands and understands them, in which they are not penalized for their difficulties and their achievements and their strengths and positive qualities are greatly reinforced.

If we suspect that our child may be a child with slow Cognitive Time, we must give him time, patience, and consult with a professional (neurologist, psychopedagogue ...) who will inform us and give us guidelines on how to educate and act with our child at home and at school.

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