The best stories for children of 2018

The best stories for children of 2018

Reading stories together with children is a tradition that has been passed down for generations. The advantages of instilling the habit of reading in children is to stimulate their imagination, provide them with the necessary tools to develop their language, learn values ​​and life lessons, increase a passion for reading, among many other benefits.

Below we have prepared in a listing with the best stories for children of 2018. You can not lose this!

Uga the turtle. Stories for children

In this funny story, our friend Uga the turtle will teach the children a valuable lesson: effort and work always have their rewards in the end. No matter how small the actions are, they will always bear fruit and if you meet all your goals you will finally feel great satisfaction. An ideal story to promote the value of perseverance in children.

Children's stories: Shoe Race

If you are looking to instill the value of friendship in children, "Running shoes" is an excellent option to achieve it. In this story, a group of animals will prepare for an important competition, however, a presumed giraffe will receive an important lesson that will help her understand that friends must be accepted with their defects and virtues. If you want to know the complete story, you cannot miss this great story for children.

Daniel and the magic words. Short stories

Daniel is a little boy who on his birthday receives a very special gift from his grandfather: a box full of shiny letters. With these letters you can form all kinds of phrases, from happy messages, to selfish, sad or even confusing messages, everything will depend on the use that is given to them. A story with teaching for children, with which they will reflect on the things they say and the positive or negative consequences that their words have.

Bernardo the elephant. Children's stories 2018

This story is about a selfish elephant who never thought of others. With the values ​​of solidarity and respect, the children will learn through this story to reflect on coexistence with others and the rules that must be followed, in order to interact with others in a healthy and responsible way. Bernardo had been a badly behaved little elephant, but in the end he leaves us a great learning experience; do not stop reading this beautiful story to discover it together with your children.

A rabbit on the track. Stories with values

Stories are a very effective way of learning in many ways, they make us reflect and value our environment, and in the same way they show us the importance of using values ​​in our day to day life. Specifically, this children's story shows us the importance of the value of compassion and above all the gratitude and kindness that we must have with the animals.

Santillin. Pretty stories

Santillin is a good and generous bear, one day when his new neighbor the porcupine arrives, he decides to invite him to play with the rest of the animals, however, a problem arises: his new little friend bites others with his long quills. The animals, realizing this, reject it immediately, now Santillin must find a solution to such a dilemma. Surprise your children with the outcome of this beautiful story, which will teach them the value of respect and tolerance.

Sara and Lucia. Short stories with values

Besides being educational, a story can be a very entertaining way to share time with children. To enjoy fun moments with your children, we suggest the story of Sara and Lucía. A story about two great friends who knew each other from a very young age and shared everything, however, one day a comment arises between them that could damage their friendship. The value of sincerity between friends is reflected through the lines of this story, do not stop reading it to your children, they will surely thank you!

Ugly Duckling. Classic children's stories

The tale of the ugly duckling is undoubtedly a classic story that you cannot stop teaching your children. A story about respect, tolerance and compassion. The main moral is to reflect on our actions, why we carry them out and what we must do to avoid hurting others. Explaining these types of concepts to children can be complicated, however, we assure you that through this story it will be much easier.

A chick named Llito

This story tells about a clueless chick, who is helped by some animals to reconnect with his mother. He will teach the children how it is that by supporting each other we can achieve our goals, as well as the importance of knowing how to face complicated situations. Interact with your children and share quality time reading them stories like this one.

The little snail Gustavillo, story for children

Healthy coexistence is the central moral of this story. Discover together with your children the experiences of Gustavillo, a nice little snail who lives at a crossroads with his friend the crab. With this story you can enhance the imagination and creativity of children. Invite them to read this story that will help you motivate them to follow the good habit of reading.

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