Lyrics of the National Anthem of Peru for children

Lyrics of the National Anthem of Peru for children

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The National Anthem of Peru It was composed in 1821 and was originally named the "National March of Peru." Its authors were José la Torre Ugarte and José Bernardo Alcedo, who respectively smaller can learn it and practice it at school.


We're free! Let's always be!

and before the sun denies its lights,

that we miss the solemn vow

that the country to the eternal raised.

Verse I

Long time the oppressed Peruvian

the ominous chain dragged,

condemned to cruel servitude

long time in silence he groaned.

But just the sacred cry

Liberty! on its shores it was heard,

the indolence of a slave shakes,

the humiliated neck lifted.

Verse II

Already the roar of hoarse chains

who heard three centuries of horror

of the free, to the sacred cry

that the world heard astonished, ceased.

Everywhere San Martin inflamed,

Liberty! Liberty! pronounced

and rocking its base the Andes,

they also enunciated it with one voice.

Verse III

With its influence the peoples awaken

and what lightning ran the opinion,

from the Isthmus to the lands of fire,

from the fire to the frozen region.

They all swear to break the link

that Nature denied both worlds,

and break that scepter that Spain

she reclined proudly on both of them.

Stanza IV

Lima fulfills its solemn vow,

and severe his anger showed,

the powerful tyrant throwing,

trying to lengthen his oppression.

To his effort the irons jumped

and the grooves that he repaired in himself,

they stoked hatred and revenge

that he inherited from his Inca and lord.

Verse V

Countrymen, no more seeing her a slave

if humiliated for three centuries she groaned,

forever let us swear free,

maintaining its own splendor.

Our arms until today unarmed,

are always priming the cannon,

that one day the beaches of Iberia,

they will feel terror from its roar.

Verse VI

Let us excite the jealousy of Spain

because it senses with decline and fury,

that in competition of great nations

our homeland will be compared.

In the list that of these is formed

we will fill the line first,

that the ambitious Iberian tyrant,

that the whole America devastated.

Stanza VII

At its summit the Andes hold

the bicolor flag or banner,

that to the centuries announces the effort,

that being free forever gave us.

In its shadow we live in peace,

and when the sun rises from its peaks,

let's renew the great oath

that we surrender to the god of Jacob.

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