The Candy kingdom. Fantasy poem for children

The Candy kingdom. Fantasy poem for children

A wonderful fantasy poem for kids in which an incredible kingdom made of candy is described, everything in it is made with sweets. The Candy kingdom is a beautiful nursery rhyme that invites children to imagine and dream.

Poetry enhances children's imagination, encourages the acquisition of vocabulary, stimulates learning and, most importantly, helps us to grow children's love of reading. You can read poetry at home with the children and thus introduce them to the wonderful world of stories in verse.

The sweet kingdom is a children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, a fantasy and magic poem that describes a kingdom where there is nothing but sweet. Doesn't your mouth water?

The kingdom of Candy,

is in a hole,

and there all the castles

they are rich caramel.

The breeze and the wind carry

aromas of chamomile,

anise, cinnamon, ginger,

and vanilla cakes.

By the river bed

run sweet lemonade,

and when breaking into the waterfalls

turns into orangeade.

They are lollipop trees

with indigo colored leaves,

with mint-flavored fruits,

peppermint and licorice.

The clouds are raspberry

like cotton candy,

and the raindrops

they are lemon syrup.

There are cookie deserts

nuts and candied fruit,

and the seas and the lakes

horchata and warm milk.

They adorn parks and houses

with jelly beans flowers,

and the wheels of the cars

They are great ball gum.

There is a waterfall

hot chocolate,

where the happy children,

they bathe and have fun.

In the Candy kingdom,

they do not know salty,

neither acid nor bitter,

but they are delighted there.

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