7 fun games to help your baby talk

7 fun games to help your baby talk

Around four months, babies begin to babble, before making some sounds and gurgling, but this is their way of getting started in speech, of approaching language.

From that stage, babies will begin to emit their first phonemes and will be able to say single words between one year and 15 months. Their vocabulary will expand to form simple sentences and finally more complete and complex sentences.

In this process of acquiring language, parents can stimulate our baby to have a good learning of speech, how? On our site we propose to do it through activities, they are games to help your baby talk.

- Children's songs: Singing with children is a great way to learn new words. There are songs that teach children about colors, days of the week or parts of the body.

- I see I see: is a classic game that helps develop vocabulary. We will have to adapt it to the child since they do not yet know the letters, therefore, we cannot base ourselves on that it begins with a letter, but we can describe it: say its size, color, smell ...

- Stories with illustrations: we can take a book and go pointing out what we see in it, be it a truck, a ball or a kitten.

- Games with sounds: make sounds of animals or things and ask the child to identify what it is. You can help him the first few times by anticipating the answer. When you play again, he will know that if you say "loooooo", he will have to answer "cow".

- Hiding place: take one of his toys and hide it, both play to find, for example, "the doll", "the tractor" or "the ball". Accompany your child in the search for the lost object and repeat the word of the object you are looking for until you find it.

- Gestures: We can stand in front of the mirror and make happy, sad, angry or scared faces. We will name each of the gestures and ask the child to repeat it.

- Games with the tongue: To train the movements of the tongue and favor the learning of speech we can tell the child that the mouth is a door, when we ring the bell, which is in his nose, he must let his tongue out and then put it back in. We can also tell him that "lady tongue" loves to go out to visit her friends. We will ask you to visit the chin (you will have to try to touch the chin with your tongue) or the nose (the tongue lady will have to try to reach up to the nose).

- Games to help your baby talk must be part of a fun moment, we will choose a situation in which the child wants to play and is not tired, hungry or angry.

- You should not insist for a long time, babies get tired immediately, just a few minutes.

- Do not use childish language "let's look for the tete", we intend to teach the child vocabulary, not adapt it and distort it.

- You can resume those games and activities at different times of the day.

- Do not force the baby if he cannot pronounce a word, you have to stimulate him in a fun way, with a positive attitude, otherwise, the effect will be the opposite.

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