The health of babies and children in summer

The health of babies and children in summer

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High summer temperatures can affect children's health if some preventive care is not considered. The heat, the beach, the swimming pools, the food, the safety, the skin, and even the way of dressing, can be controlled. Thinking about it, has elaborated a range of tips to take care of the health of babies and children in summer and make these days of children's vacations the most profitable.

If summer is approaching where you live, keep in mind this series of tips that will help you avoid unpleasantness in summer, both in the pool and on the beach, on trips, in the kitchen, etc.

Guide to identifying insect bites. With this guide to identifying insect bites in children, you will learn to identify which beak your child. Learn to detect if the bite that bothers your child so much is a mosquito, wasp, tick or spider ... Has an insect bit your child and you don't know what it is? Learn to identify bites and insects quickly thanks to this guide.

Errors when applying sunscreen in children. These are the main mistakes when applying sunscreen to children. Pay attention to the way in which we should apply the protective cream in children.

Secondary drowning. We explain what secondary drowning is and how to recognize its symptoms in babies and children. How to act in case of secondary drowning.

Heatstroke. Heatstroke in children occurs when the child is not adequately hydrated, his skin has not been protected with appropriate clothing or lotions or has spent too many hours under the effect of the sun's rays. Heatstrokes are the body's response to excessive loss of water and salt contained in sweat, due to excessive exposure to the sun.

How to avoid otitis in the pool. The pool and the sea are places of fun for children, but also a source of possible ear infections. If you want to prevent painful otitis, keep these tips in mind.

Heat care for babies. Taking care of your baby during the summer. On our site we talk about how to protect your baby from the heat, keep him cool and hydrated at home and outdoors, and keep him out of the sun. These are some of the recommendations to enjoy a safe and safe summer with your child.

Symptoms of Infant Dehydration. Prevention, causes and treatment of dehydration. How to know if the child or baby is dehydrated. Symptoms of Infant Dehydration.

Summer food for children. Diet for children in summer. Which foods are most refreshing for children during the hottest times. A good summer diet for children.

Causes and symptoms of salmonellosis. Salmonellosis is a foodborne infection caused by a bacterium, salmonella. The main symptom is diarrhea. We explain what exactly salmonellosis is, how it is spread and how you can detect it in your child.

How to treat gastroenteritis. What is gastroenteritis. Symptoms, causes and treatment of the disease in children. Guidelines for treating gastroenteritis in infants and children. On our site we tell you what gastroenteritis is and how to treat it. In general, most gastroenteritis in children begins with nausea, vomiting, and fever.

Sun protection for babies. How to protect the baby from the sun. Sun protection measures for children under one year of age, for older children and for the whole family. Using a sunscreen regularly, during the first 18 years of life, can reduce the risk of skin cancer by up to 78 percent.

Digestion and children's bathing. The digestion of children to bathe. Why do children have to wait two hours to bathe after eating. Now in summer, if there is something that children do not understand about the world of the elderly, it is why they have to wait to do the digestion to bathe.

How to prevent prickly pear. Sudamina is very common in the first months of life in babies. Sometimes the pimples can appear scattered or appear together to form reddish bumps. It can also be itchy as a result of inflamed skin.

Children's sunglasses. Sunglasses to protect children's eyes. When children go out in the sun it is very normal for us to worry about protecting their skin from the strong sun rays, to avoid burns and other problems.

How to treat jellyfish stings. We can't avoid the risk of jellyfish stinging on the beach, but we do know how to treat jellyfish stings in children. What to do when a jellyfish stings a child. How to Treat Jellyfish Stings in Children

How to prevent insect bites. The arrival of insects is one of the concerns that parents have especially when temperatures rise. Repellants are effective in preventing bites, but should be used with great caution when it comes to babies. Find out why.

Protect children from electrical storms. Many children are afraid of storms. And many adults are fascinated by them. There are perhaps few things more beautiful than seeing lightning strike the sea. But we must know the risks posed by thunderstorms and how to protect our children.

How to choose summer footwear. On our site we tell you everything you need to know to choose the most suitable footwear for children during the hot months. How should children's summer shoes be. Tips for choosing sandals and summer footwear for children and babies.

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