How to organize plans with children of very different ages

How to organize plans with children of very different ages

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When the brothers take a few years, family plans become complicated. The older ones get bored and the little ones get confused right away, so in the end we all end up scared from having made common plans.

But even if you don't believe it, there are plans for children with very different ages, and not all require a large outlay of money. Of course, when we talk about teenagers, all is lost, there will be no plan that interests you, if you do not include a friend in your backpack.

Here you have some of the activities that you can do with children if they have very different ages, when they have been together for more than five years.

1- Take advantage of nature:You can organize a short hiking route that ends in a pool or waterfall, and even if they are small, they can always walk a few kilometers if the promise is to take a dip.

The bicycle also offers itineraries for all ages. Choose an undemanding route for the little ones. If you still don't know how to ride a bike, you can always rent or buy a baby seat or a car behind your bike, they will be delighted with the rattle, while the older ones go with their own bicycle. As a reward, have a picnic midway with his favorite food.

Rivers, pools, natural pools and the beach. If your older children get bored, suggest them to do some water sport or buy them some diving goggles or a rod, so while the little one can be calm playing with the sand.

Going camping is a real adventure for children and, I assure you, it will be for you too. You can tell stories by the light of the lanterns, and set up the tent all together. The little ones will surprise you because they will be delighted to sleep next to you, and they will be able to investigate each ant that is on the ground.

2- Theme parks and zoos: This option is a bit more expensive, especially if you have a large family, but there is no theme park that children do not like and, the good thing about parks is that they tend to adapt to all ages.

3- Sports activities. Although this plan seems for older children, in reality children between 2 and 4 years old also tend to enjoy sports, since at that age they have enough energy to bring all their siblings together. For example, an older basketball game can be adapted to having the little ones throw a small basket with a foam ball or, if they prefer to run, they will love doing obstacle courses, which you can build yourself in the sand, while with the older people compete or train in the odd activity of their age.

4- Workshops, museums and libraries: Many museums organize workshops according to their ages, for example: in a dinosaur museum, the older one can take a tour of the museum with a children's guide, while the little ones make dinosaur footprints in clay.

Children's libraries are a great option especially for winter. They have books for all ages and mats for the little ones to read on the floor. In addition, many of them offer activities for different ages.

5- Finally, the patron saint festivities and family concerts, are a good resource for the whole family to be together enjoying activities and music for all ears.

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