How to avoid a digestion cut in children

How to avoid a digestion cut in children

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The digestion cutoff occurs when the digestion process is abruptly interrupted. You can recognize it because in that case the child has a stomach ache, paler skin than normal, vomiting or, what is more dangerous, loss of consciousness.

We give you some tips to avoid a digestion cut in children. Take them into account especially in the summer time, which is when more digestion cuts occur (although they are not always related to the bathroom).

Digestion is the process of assimilation and absorption of the food that is eaten. It begins the moment the child eats until the body finishes absorbing the nutrients. If this process is interrupted abruptly, it is when we say that there has been a 'digestion cut'. The child may then become dizzy or even lose consciousness. It can be serious if the child is in the water at that time. So, It is essential that you take these tips into account to avoid a digestion cut. Remember that it is something that can be prevented:

1. No copious meals before a bath. If you are thinking of spending the day at the beach or pool, go for a light meal. Digestion will be faster and you will shorten the 'risk' time. It will also be better to avoid foods with a lot of fat or sugar.

2. Respect the digestion time. Normally, the body takes between an hour and a half and two hours to digest. Respect this digestion time to be safe and not take unnecessary risks.

3. Rest in the shade before bathing. If your child sunbathes after eating and gets into cold water, the change in temperature will be shocking to the body. This can cause a sudden cut in digestion.

4. Get into the water gradually. If you are at the beach or the pool, it is normal for the body temperature to be high. To avoid a very large contrast between body and water temperature, it is advisable to enter the water slowly or get wet before diving into the neck and wrists.

5. Don't do strong exercises as soon as you finish eating. Wait a reasonable time to help the digestion process.

- Bathing in cold water after eating: Most digestion cuts occur in water. You know why? When the body is digesting, the blood is concentrated in that area. But if, in the middle of this process, the body comes into contact with lower temperatures, the blood will be distributed instantly throughout the body to counteract this drop in temperature. Digestion stops and this is when the so-called 'digestion cut' occurs, which manifests itself with dizziness, stomach pain and vomiting.

- Exercising after lunch: Another reason or cause of digestion cut is exercising as soon as you finish eating, without respecting the digestion time. Again, the blood must be distributed throughout the body to supply more oxygen, with the consequent risk of digestion interruption.

- Excess heat after a meal: If you sunbathe excessively immediately after eating, it also increases the risk of digestion failure.

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