Mystery games for your birthday party

Mystery games for your birthday party

The day of his birthday It is a very special date for children that they tend to remember over time. Organizing a lively party with their friends is the goal of all host parents so that both the honoree and their friends have a great time.

Searching for hidden items and gifts, tracking clues and surprises build children's motivation at birthday parties, while allowing them to unleash their imaginations in a playful and fun environment. Te we propose some ideas of mystery games for your birthday party so you don't lose track.

Mystery games have the incentive of the final surprise, while having fun thinking and looking for new clues. They help foster teamwork and have the advantage of motivating children's infinite curiosity.

1. Piñata with balloons. An alternative way to make a piñata is by using balloons. It consists of putting sweets in some and in others rice, water, lentils ... and inflating them with air. Afterwards, you can tie them all together or do it at different heights so the children can poke them with a toothpick. They will have a great time!

2. The gift of a thousand layers. Prepare a gift wrapped in several layers of paper or in several boxes. Place a treat between layer and layer or between box and box. The children are to sit in a circle and the present is given to the birthday boy. The music is put on and the children must pass the gift from one to the other. When the music is turned off, the one with the present present must remove a layer of paper or open the first box. If you have a treat, you can keep it. The music is turned on again, and so on until at the end, when all the layers of paper have been removed, the child who uncovers the gift keeps it.

3. The treasure map. It is based on the preparation of maps, where we will mark each hiding place with an X. In the next hiding place there will be another map with another X that will serve as a guide to find the next one. We can make four or five until they find the treasure, which you can make with chocolate, candy or nuts.

4. Bingo for kids. Prepare some boards like those of bingo, with simple numbers interspersed with squares where their favorite characters appear (Mickey, Lightning McQueen, Barbie ...). In a bag, you can put some balls or balls with the numbers from 0 to 9. To have the participation of all, each of the children must go out one by one to catch a ball from the bag. As in bingo, whoever completes the board first wins.

5. In search of the pirate. When the birthday begins, we can tell the children that a pirate has taken a treasure that we had hidden. So, we show them some traces that he has left on the table and that they have to follow, looking for the clues that we have been putting during the course of the party, for example, one in the snack, another in the cake ... The last clue will take you to the final gift.

6. The gluttonous rattlesnake. If you have prepared a healthy and nutritious snack for the little ones and you want them to eat it all, play the game of the gluttonous rattle with them. It consists of placing a bell in the center of the table and explaining to the children that only those who have finished eating can make it ring. So, for example, the first to finish the fruit plate is the winner and will be able to touch the gluttonous rattle first. The winner will receive a treat. Then all those who finish can do it in order.

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