Routine is the best remedy for baby's sleep

Routine is the best remedy for baby's sleep

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How to teach a baby to sleep? When they are born, babies do not bring a handling guide, an instruction manual, or a user manual. They do not have an ON / OFF button. Sleeping is also taught and learned. But how?

Despite the great and abundant information that exists about infant sleep, getting the baby to sleep as long as he has to sleep, at the appropriate time, and alone, is a challenge that continues to keep many parents very awake and without sleep. Tons of miracle methods, theories, and even techniques do little for parents to experience the pleasure of resting their heads on the pillow and getting a full night's sleep.

We all know that lack of sleep affects a person's mood, concentration, and control. Leaves anyone unhinged, cranky, and discouraged. If a father or mother does not sleep, the patience they should have to teach their baby to sleep will be nil. And everything will turn and grow like a snowball. Eternal nervous and upset parents and awake babies.

Baby learning it is fundamentally based on repetition. If you repeat the word "dad" many times, this will be the first word the baby will say. If you get your baby used to sleeping with a teddy bear, he is getting into a habit. The same is true with food, with play, and with sleep. And everything will require a lot of patience.

Although the baby is not an exact science, it is necessary to consider that a baby's sleep is not the same as an adult's dream. The baby's sleep is not determined by day and night. A baby does not know how to differentiate the different moments of a day. His neurological system is immature and clearly needs patterns to make him respond. The dream can be a moment announced by the parents to the baby through infantile lullabies, caresses, massages, etc., grouped in a routine. Babies need routine, organized repetition, to learn.

Until four months of age, babies sleep, as we usually say, "loose leg", an average of 16 hours a day. From the fourth month is when they will need us to give them a hand to fall asleep. This is when a routine should be used. Each baby is comforted in a different way. Some with songs, others with a massage, or with the warmth and rocking of the mother's arms. The routine is a set of activities that must occur successively at the same time and that end when the baby is asleep in his crib.

Before taking the baby to his crib, I suggest you a routine which for me was infallible:

1. Always bathe the baby at the same time.

2. Give a small massage with the moisturizing cream, if possible with a relaxing massage.

3. Dress the baby in his pajamas, while you can talk quietly.

4. Offer the breast or the bottle, or porridge or puree, depending on the age of the baby, patting his cheek.

5. Put the baby to burp, are a few gentle blows on his back.

6. With the baby in your arms, sing a lullaby or lullaby in a warm and calm environment, without rush or stress. Remember that the baby will feel everything you feel.

7. When you notice that the baby is relaxed, put him in his crib, tuck him in and wait silently for him to close his eyes and fall asleep.

Slowly, the baby will associate the whole process with bedtime. And so, day after day. It is important to consider that, at this stage, everything that you use only once in the process to make the baby sleep, you will have to repeat it every time. I mean taking the baby to bed, or making him sleep in your arms, or giving him a pacifier or letting him suck his finger, and so on, countless customs that will be part of the baby's routine. Some are more recommended than others, therefore, think carefully before starting them or letting your baby do it.

The best is be very clear about what kind of routine you will be able to maintain when putting your baby to sleep, and not to be overcome by the occasional night that the baby does not fall asleep. Surely it will be due to something, an illness, or the birth of a tooth, or another annoyance. Still, you will need to continue with the sleep ritual.

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