Processed burgers and sausages, declared carcinogenic

Processed burgers and sausages, declared carcinogenic

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Burgers, sausages, ham, sausage, bacon, chistorra, blood sausage ... all of them they are blacklisted as carcinogenic foods. The WHO has declared them as carcinogenic products for humans, that is, foods that increase the risk of suffering from cancer.

All these foods are part of the group of processed meats, and many of them are included in the weekly menu of many children. But is it really so dangerous to eat this type of meat every week?

The problem is not in the meat itself, but in the process that is followed to get the sausages, hamburgers or chistorra. Processed meat is understood to be all products made from meat, fats or viscera (either poultry, pork, beef or a mixture of all of them), added with additives and preservatives.

In this select group of processed meat foods that increase the risk of cancer, are some of the kids' favorites: sausages, hamburgers and ham.

A group of 22 scientists from ten different countries (who are part of the UN Agency for Research on Cancer), have come to this conclusion: frequently eating this type of food is as dangerous as smoking or breathing polluted air . So from now on, they are included in the list of carcinogens, along with plutonium, tobacco smoke and pollution.

Sausages, hamburgers and processed bacon may be behind the increase in cases colorectal cancer all over the world. In fact, the study of these scientists has found a direct relationship between the consumption of these meats and colorectal cancer in 12 of the 18 cases analyzed with the general population in Europe, Japan and the United States. Pretty obvious, right?

Nevertheless, it all depends on the amount of processed meat consumed. If eaten sporadically, there is hardly any risk. The scientists who have carried out this study determine that every 50 grams of processed meat consumed increases the risk of cancer by 18%. On red meat at the moment, they are silent.

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