Teeth whitening in childhood

Teeth whitening in childhood

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There are many doubts regarding this issue, especially when considering teeth whitening on a child. Although many people see it as a purely cosmetic procedure, many times the results can have an impact on the self-esteem and confidence of the person to whom it is applied, however, there is a time for everything and the right age to carry it out is of utmost importance. At Guí we tell you when is the ideal time to opt for this type of treatment.

Gustavo Camañas, dentist, tells us that the right age to undergo teeth whitening is between 16 and 18 years old, not before, especially since they can become very aggressive procedures for the little ones. We must also take into account that children's teeth are constantly changing, not only in relation to growth but also to tooth eruption, so it would be much more convenient to carry out this treatment until after the permanent teeth have erupted.

Once the recommended minimum age has been met, whitening can always be done with a prescription from the dentist. It is indicated in 90% of cases and despite being an aggressive product, the current procedures are tested and contain potassium nitrate, which is a soothing substance that can reduce any discomfort during it.

It is important to mention that whitening carried out in a dental clinic does not harm the teethOn the contrary, what this procedure does is clean the dentin, which is the layer that is before the nerve and when cleaned it prevents the nerve from being affected by dirt.

With the help of the active ingredients that bleaches contain, the natural color of the tooth can be changed, generally it is possible to obtain five to seven shades whiter. The type of treatment will depend on whether you want to remove superficial or deep spots, and will be carried out according to the patient's medical history and their needs.

In addition to teeth whitening, there are other options that can help keep teeth white, especially if the child is not old enough to undergo this type of procedure. Here are some tips to get it done.

1) Brush your teeth at least twice a day. In the morning when you wake up, after every meal and before going to sleep.

2) Avoid foods with a lot of sugars. We must not forget that sugar causes cavities, the more this type of food can be avoided, the better.

3) Regular visits to the dentist. Go every six months for a caries checkup and professional dental cleanings.

4) A healthy diet.Food rich in dairy products, vegetables and fruits, is ideal for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

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